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What is a digital brand strategist?

Here at KaMedia, we define a digital brand strategist as someone that helps you reach your audience online, helps you reach your digital marketing goals, and assists you in creating a marketing plan that will take your brand to the next level.

Do you work with people outside of North carolina?

Yes, we work with people all over the world.

In what ways do you help people that do not want full social media management?

We help business in all sorts of ways, the main ways being our content creation services, social media strategy development, and our digital products.

Who does Kamedia help?

We typically focus on assisting women coaches and consultant that are working to make an impact while selling courses and events. These women understand the importance of using social media for business so they can grow and scale. We also help other industries so if you are interested, schedule a consultation!

What Services do you offer?

We offer social media management, brand development, and content development services. If you have more specific questions feel free to email us or schedule a consultation.

Do you help businesses or individuals

We typically service businesses, although individuals are more than welcome to purchase any of our digital products that they may find beneficial.

Is there a difference in price for small businesses?

We offer a variety of services and digital products so you can benefit from what KaMedia has to offer whether your business is large or small.

How do you define entrepreneurs and small business owners?

Because we typically help entrepreneurs and small business owners, we define entrepreneurs as a single person or couple working together and a small business is defined as a business with a fully operational team of 20 people or less.