3 Reasons Social Media is Important For Business

3.5 billion people are using social media everyday! Whether your potential customers are local or worldwide they are likely spending more than half of their day on social media. There are many reasons for your business to be on social media but being where your customers are is one of the main reasons.

3 Ways To Increase Your Social Media Conversions For Free

As a business there are many reasons to be present on social media and some of the main reasons I hear from my clients is that they want to gain more followers, increase their income, and increase website traffic. All of these may seem very different but it all breaks down to conversions.  Converting someone is getting them from one point to another  in your sales or relationship funnel. Conversions can include someone becoming, a loyal follower, email subscriber, or even a customer or client.  Understanding how to convert your audience is different based on how well they know you but I’m sharing 3 ways to increase your conversions for free using social media for your business.